The international hackathon in Disruptive Information Solutions is based in synergies between the projects AWARE (Against Waste: Activate Research and Education) and CroBoDDIT (Cross-Border Dimensions of Disruptive Information Technologies). The both projects are funded by the Cross-Border Collaboration track of the European Neighborhood Instrument (ENI CBC).

The purpose of the hackathon is to promote the development of significant and disruptive ICT technologies in urban infrastructures, utilising the expertise of local companies. The keyword is ‘disruptive,’ i.e. approaching the problem in a new and exceptional manner, particularly using information and communications technology. The core areas of technology include IoT, Big Data, ML and blockchain technologies. The hackathon will network the regional special skills of the participating companies and the development work of the cities between the target countries to achieve solutions that better serve the residents. A tool around these functions is the instrument of industry practicums for the winning hackathon teams while the problems for the hackathon are suggested by the industrial companies anticipating hosting and mentoring the hackathon winners. The outcomes of the hackathon should help to establish a new democratic and citizen-centric platform, which will enforce a transparent and efficient way of running municipal services, create vertical IoT applications, which will offer municipalities solutions to increase efficiency within their operations. For the industry companies, supporting the hackathon will offer excellent opportunities to showcase their expertise and products and invite talented young professionals through hosting and mentoring them in industry practicums. Teams of two and up to four people will be tasked with developing solutions to the cross-border economic challenge and submit them to Devpost along with a short video (3 min or less) in which they demonstrate their idea to a panel of judges. Submissions could range from proofs-of-concept to fully functional apps but should be developed during the 72 hours of the hackathon.


  • Who can participate? Students over the age of 18 at the time of the hackathon.
  • Are there any limits on team size? We encourage hackers to work together in a team of two  to four members but, individuals who prefer to work solo are also allowed to participate.
  • What are the residency and location requirements? There are no location restrictions.


Each team must delegate a representative to submit the project on behalf of the whole team using Devpost. Each team can only submit once. When submitting a project, the team representative should:

  • Specify the members of the team,
  • Indicate which challenge the submission is solving,
  • Provide a public link to the source code of the project such as a GitHub repo,
  • Provide a video (3min or less) that includes a PowerPoint and a voice over that explains the app. The video should also include a demo of the solution.

Hackathon Sponsors


Research internships (3)

LUT University will offer a unique opportunity for virtual research internships for hackathon winners. The internship will last 2-3 weeks, and might end up with a job offer. All interns will receive certificates and references from their mentors.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Andrei Rybin

Andrei Rybin
Professor / ITMO

Jari Porras

Jari Porras
Professor / LUT

Oleg Sadov

Oleg Sadov
Chief Software Developer / Zededa LLC

Pekka Niskasaari
Project Manager / Forum Virium Helsinki

Ari Happonen

Ari Happonen
Associate professor / LUT

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    Includes the creativity and originality of the idea.
  • Technologies
    Includes how well the idea was executed and how well technologies such as AI, IoT and AR/VR were leveraged by the team.
  • Impact
    Includes how useful the solution is to its target users.

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